Save Singer Multi-Hoop Design
written by Elaine Bell


1. Click on New icon or Files --> New. At the Open menu, click New. At the New menu, click on 210x430mm. Click OK.
2. Load the 210x430 Multi Hoop.
3. Click on Create --> Add multiple hoop cross
4. A stop is automatically added at the beginning of the cross to give you the option of sewing it. The cross is a reference line used to align designs at the XL1000 layout screen. The cross is optional, but I find it invaluable in lining up designs. The cross is a basting stitch and is easily removed. The color stop is unnecessary in Embird, so to delete it - click on the Edit Outline icon (or Edit --> Edit Outline).   Press Home on the keyboard to go to the beginning of the cross, press the right arrow on the keyboard twice to move to the STOP.  Press delete to remove the color stop.
5. Save the cross reference line as

Note: You can create the reference line easily in Embird. In Editor, choose the Options --> Hoop Size --> Singer Multi-Hoop Horizontal. Then click on Insert --> Cross Reference Line command.

1. In Editor, choose Options --> Hoop Size --> Singer Multi-Hoop Horizontal (Picture No. 1). Click OK. 

Picture No. 1


2. Press Ctrl+Page Down on the keyboard until hoop fits within screen. Picture No. 2 shows the darker blue lines that indicate the center of the Singer multi hoop. These lines correspond with the cross reference line in PSW.

Picture No. 2 

3. File --> Merge (Ctrl+M) to bring in files to be split. Files will be rotated automatically by -90 degrees.
4. Move/rotate/size files as you please. When the designs are in desired arrangement, Select All (Ctrl+A) and click the Center icon to center the designs both horizontally and vertically. This step is optional.
5. Decide how the design will be split. Picture No. 3 shows the designs that will be split into three sections - 1) elephant, 2) tree, 3) zebra and giraffe.

Picture No. 3


6. File --> Merge to merge the previously saved cross reference line. The cross is automatically centered and aligned with the darker grids in the multi hoop (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4


7. The elephant will be split first.

Note: Hide colors of any design(s) that interfere with splits. In this example, only the tree interferes with splitting the left and right sections.

a. From the Objects Order Bar (right side of screen), right click one of the colors in the tree. Choose "Hide All Colors".
b. Click Freehand Select Mode (left side of screen). Left mouse click to draw a polygon around the elephant and the center of the cross (Picture No. 5). Double click when finished to close the polygon. Click Split.
c. File --> Save Selected as  --> Compucon.XXX save as AnimLeft.
d. Click the Undo icon. Since a portion of the cross reference line was included in the split, we will need to undo this action so the entire line will be available for future splits.

Picture No. 5


8. Split the giraffe and zebra: 

a. With tree still hidden, click the Freehand select icon and left click around the giraffe, zebra and the center of the cross reference line (Picture No. 6). Split.
b. File --> Save Selected as AnimRt.
c. Undo to restore the cross reference stitches that were split. 

Picture No. 6


9. Split the tree:

a. From the Objects Order Bar, right click on one of the colors in the tree and choose Show All Colors.
b. For this exercise, the height of the tree should fit within the 130mm width of the large hoop. Since the tree is 126mm tall, only 4mm of the vertical cross can be included before we're at the 130mm limit. Zoom in so the tree will fill the screen.
c. In Freehand select mode, draw around the tree, getting as close as you can at the top and bottom so you won't pick up more than 4mm of the cross reference line (Picture No. 7). Split.
d. File --> Save Selected as AnimCtr.

Note 1:  A quick method to select several designs, left click on first design, then while holding down the Shift key, left mouse click on another design to add to your selection. You can click on a design within the design screen or click a design icon on the Objects Order Bar (right side of the screen).

Note 2:  After a design has been selected and split, the bottom of the screen will show size, stitch count and color count of the selection. 

Note 3:  When you "Save selected as", Editor will display an error message if the design is too large or exceeds the color and stitch count limitations.

Note 4:  When you save the parts to .XXX format, they will be rotated back by 90 degrees.

Picture No. 7



Open each split design in PSW (1.1 users do not convert stitches to block). Write designs to card.

1. At the XL1000 embroidery screen, select Multiple Hoop Embroidery.
2. Load each multi hoop design into the embroidery machine. 
3. Use Zoom and Edit/Position to align the multi hoop cross from each design with the X/Y axis on the XL1000 layout screen.

For detailed instructions on loading multi hoop designs in the XL1000, please read the XL1000 manual.

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