Open Viking Plus Hoop Design


1 - Select the "Editor" mode.
2 - Open file, which will be inserted in the middle position of hoop (position P2). 
3 - Click on "Hoop Size" button. (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

3. - Select "Viking Plus (overlap)" hoop. (Picture No2).

Picture No. 2

5 - The open design is situated in the middle (green) hoop (Picture No.3).

Picture No. 3

6 -Merge second file, which will be situated in the upper (red) hoop. (Picture No. 4). Use "Merge" command in "File" menu to merge a file.

Picture No. 4

7 - Select upper hoop position. (Picture No.5)

Picture No. 5

8 - Repeat steps 6 and 7 to insert third file in the lower hoop position. Result is visible on the Picture No.6.

Picture No. 6


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